Wholefoods rant!

So many people assume if it is Wholefoods that it must be healthy right? We'll you still need to be careful and read the full label in the back, as I recently learned. Sure many of those who are going to purchase wheat gluten free products are doing so because they suffering from Celiac Disease http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs/celiac/ or just allergic to wheat.

However, many others (like me) are avoiding it temporary as a measure in diet modification during yeast related infections, the last thing we want to eat is a related yeast ingredient in our gluten free chips. Unfortunately, this is what happened to me when I ate Mr. Krispers . I'll grant you they sure taste good, but I started to get itchy again and it was like all the effort I put into taking antibiotics, drinking cranberry juice, and taking vitamin C pills was all for naught!

So I read the back, and what did I see listed not once but twice! Torula yeast http://www.biocel.cz/enghtml/vitmain.htm !!!

Frankly, I know it has quite a bit of iron, and sure it is good for cats, but it is related to the exact same yeast (Candida albicans http://www.broad.mit.edu/annotation/genome/candida_albicans/MultiHome.html) I am trying to lower the content of in my system to normal, healthy levels. Sure for celiacs and wheat allergies it is a okay ingredient, but or people in my situation it isn't acceptable and should be prominently labeled, in the front of the package NOT just the back.

Okay, so there it is rant over. Oh and if you don't get periodic rashes and other yeast problems like I do but have a wheat allergy or celiacs, feel free to eat the Mr. Krispers chips, they taste great and have TONS of iron - I just won't be eating them with you....

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