The Next Food Network Star???

I was wondering if anyone else has checked out this show? Normally I am very anti-'reality TV' because it is often a warped reality. For some reason though I got really hooked into this show, and I decided that it was a combined factor of my love of food and the bubbly genuinely nice personality of Kelsey Nixon. So like most people I think I was shocked last week when I saw that she had gotten the boot over Adam (who though has a sort of rakish charm) is not a consistent cook by any stretch of my imagination! You can see here what locals in his area say about his former restaurant and the trouble it caused.

Personally I think this is going to become in the future an "American Idol" type situation wherein often the losers have a better career in the long run. The combination of someone with camera presences, genuine cooking chops, and a warm personality and Kelsey is the real deal. She is represented by ICM which is a great agency and I am sure they will find a better spot for her on television than Food Networks somewhat boring offerings - I think I pretty much only sparingly watch Alton Brown or Mario Batali at this point. I am more about the more culturally sophisticated offerings of the Travel Channel and Fine Living offerings on the epicurean aspects.

Hey, that's an idea ICM, why don't you get her to do an Anthony Bourdain and move to the Travel Channel? I'd LOVE to see a show where she travels and then creates a simplified version for Americans of the dishes she tries abroad. Or she could do a show with children teaching them to cook, she has the right personality to work with children.

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