Fattest Man Vows to Lose Weight

Mexican man who was once the world's fattest vows to lose his extra weight and get down to 265lbs. So far using "The Zone" diet for the last two years he has lost about 570lbs of his original 1,257 lbs weight and needs to lose another 422lbs. I am glad he is doing this, however...
For those who know me personally and for a comparison "data of comparable magnitude" I am about 4-10 dress sizes too large for my size (depending on what "body shape" you like) - and need to lose a minimum of 65lbs to a maximum of 125lbs to be in my optimum "weight range" per the AMA guidelines for my height and bone mass. Let's say I wanted to go to the thinnest extreme of "healthy" say my old high school "acting" size of a "US 2" on top and a "US 6" on bottom, in order to do that I would still only need to lose 122 lbs, which is to say 300lbs less than the minimum he needs to lose just to be on the higher side or normal. Additionally this amount he needs to lose is about twice what I currently weigh in my "pudgy" married weight.

One starts to wonder how he got so big in the first place? Like many newly married my once almost daily exercise routine became something like "every other week" around the time my hubbie and I got together and we both "pudged up."On the other hand like most normal people I still walk around my house, the campus, my church, when I go out shopping, play with the dog in the backyard - all of these at least a couple times a day and similar in activity level to say someone with a desk job M-F. Certainly in order to have gotten this huge he must have done nothing all day but eat and sleep - because even watching TV or sitting at a desk - one in the common, mostly sedentary lifestyle of today would burn enough calories that he wouldn't even get up to this amount of obesity.
On the other hand while I am against the common hurtful teasing of those who are slightly larger or smaller than the norm. Nor do I believe one should be judged on their physical appearance alone. I am also against the Hollywood and 5th Avenue push for "heroin" sheik as the other extreme of this over attention to "the body" nuttyness. Additionally, I think it is mean to pick on someone if they are fat or skinny because of hormone issues, and that one should be given the benefit of the doubt on these things and be kind to others as we all have defects.
So yes I am glad he is losing the weight, on the other hand - Is this really something he should have had to do in this extreme in the first place? Sedentary lifestyle this extreme should not be praised but punished for the extreme bad example it is just as those who starve or vomit themselves to attain "model perfection" are looked upon as mentally challenged and in need of help.
Certainly something is "off" with this guy if he went to this extreme in the first place.

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