Scammers in the neighborhood

Door to Door 'scammers' are in my neighborhood [Fremont, CA] ‘selling ‘ at the moment pimping ‘advanage cleaner’ notice the lack of ‘t’ in the name. The actual cleaner itself apparently isn't great but is easily obtainable on their official site ( so if you want the cleaner feel free to buy it from the site. I however will not because any company that associates itself thieves and criminals is not worthy of my money even if the product was effective.

However, be wary of door-to-door salesmen who are part of a subcontractor have been shown to engage in criminal activities per the Oregon Attorney General John Kroger and and T&B Sales has several customer complains for not returning calls, not handling customer complains, theft of credit card data and selling it to scammers and those who make illegal charges, and in general being a nuisance.

Remember you have the right to a flyer to purchase later as well as a name of the salesperson and the company they sell for. You have the right to tell them they have 30 seconds to get off your property or you’ll call the police – and then you have the right to call the police if you want for criminal trespassing.

Previous to this they were selling 'magazines' and then not getting magazines.


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