I Believe In Magic

Originally written for a school assignment ...

Yes I believe in magic.
Some may think this strange given that I like science and as an anthropology major believe in things such as Evolution, antibiotics and the appropriate use of pain relievers. But I’m not talking about religion or hokus pokus – although I am perfectly find with you being a Sangoma, or Wiccan or Magician if you wish. Nope, that’s not for me though and it’s not the kind of magic I’m talking about anyways.

The kind of magic I believe in is the wonder of the world to surprise and enlighten oneself and of people’s ability and desire to help each other. To me that is “magic” that love for one being toward another and toward the planet that comes from something deep inside our very being – or at least is does for many of us. Think back to when you were a child and felt that everything was somehow connected to everything else, and that you were connected to other people too. Or to the last time you helped someone else, not because you had to – but just because it seemed the right thing to do. This is the magic of which I speak of.

Whether you believe that this is some function of our bodies or DNA or Evolutionary based imperatives or culture – or some combination thereof. Or have a belief in some reason tied to your particular religion that I personally may not agree with it, really doesn’t matter – it’s like on some level many of us understand this to be true. Even if we aren’t sure why or maybe assign the wrong reasons why – that just makes this planet more diverse and more interesting. In the search for truth you can’t be afraid to be “wrong” - because if you are you’ll never discover anything worthwhile anyways.

Ask yourself this ...

  • Do you believe that we are meant to help each other and this planet become a better?
  • Do you believe that all life is somehow interconnected?
  • Do you believe in using art, music, etc. to help make the world a more joyous & loving?
  • Do you believe in the magic of loving one’s fellows even when you disagree with them?
  • Do you believe there should be more to life than just making money?

Then you to believe in “magic” and all I wish is for you to come out the ‘broom closet’ and make this a more magical place in your own way - through your own job or studies or charity work whatever that may be.

Thank you.      

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