Transitions (poem)

Sometimes I think in another life
you were mine and
I gave shelter to you in my bosom,
Like pillows they cradled your head and
We were one flesh

Circumstances have changed our ages
So different this spin on the Kalachakra  
Now I barely know you, yet I know you still
I feel close though we have just met
again through kismet

This is all unreal to you
because you’re a Skeptic 
and you are not who you were,
Only a mirror of what you will be again though
What cannot be for us this cycle is coupling

Love must now take a different form because
I am promised in love's rings to another
who I wish never to hurt and for whom vasopressin flows 
And yet to not have you pains me
like an arrow through the amygdala 
So I seize your camaraderie
and pleasure you through music
Hoping someday another will encircle you in love

Time is sick and the universe fickle
Pounding a sickle into the ground relentlessly
Forming new combinations with leftover seeds
Becoming different beings

Through this puckish epoch
Promiscuous I must not be with flesh
But care for you with melody and mirth instead as
Love does not end just transforms


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