January so far ...

January has been crazy busy. I finally took over the DNS for the National Association of Student Anthropologists and have big, HUGE plans on how I'd like to see it upgraded. Most of those plans are of course based on a survey of the membership which I've yet to have time to actually read all the responses to. I've been assured though based on the survey there's a demand a Forum and am looking to add that. Relatedly I've been re-reading a lot of HTML books and webpages on how to use Word Press. Guess anthropology has finally given me and excuse to resurrect my inner computer nerd that my sexist father tried to squash out of me as a child. Yay! more nerd credz. 

Something I'd also like to mention is that this term my department head Dr. Samuel Connell and his family are in the field. First stop in Vietnam! They will be blogging their experiences at http://labigblog.blogspot.com/ and his kids at http://labigblogkids.blogspot.com/. If you look you today (28 Jan 2013) one can already see some wonderful pictures of Halong Bay on the children's blog. If you're interested in globalization, resistance, archaeology etc. I'm sure he'll cover these topics at some point because that's bailiwick. He's really an amazing professor and I hope you enjoy learning from him as much as I did. However I believe by the time he comes back from his sabbatical I'll be in the field and when I come back he'll be in the field again. So I might not see him in real life for a long time. After that I'll then I'll one Foothill class left (not an anthropology one) then I transfer so even when we're both back I probably won't be seeing much of him. However I will be following his adventures via his blog above - and on Facebook. 

Speaking of writing and Facebook, my writing partner killed his Facebook. He's lucky to be in such a position and kudos to him for offing it. However too many of my current school/AAA and other coordination points are on it so it actually cuts down on my work rather than adds to it. Also I'd have a hell of a phone bill with all those overseas friends/family without it - so I'm screwed. On a good note we have started on our Sci-Fi novel and are at the point where we have the basic outlines for major cultures and philosophical conflicts and am starting to sort out the changes to my original plot idea which are dependent on the changes to the two conflicting cultures as I initially saw them. It's been interesting working with the differing time zones - all I can say is thank Google for Google Drive! Maybe I should send them a fruit-basket? 

I've also been in the midst of planning some fieldwork for May/June. I'll be volunteering with Lefika La Phodiso - The Art Therapy Centre in the Johannesburg area of South Africa. This will be the first time I'll be setting up such work independently of a volunteer recruitment organization and so I'll be having to set up everything from almost scratch. To this effect I'm going to be announcing a KickStarter campaign fairly shortly. Hopefully I can get enough funds that my husband doesn't have to help sponsor me ... who knows? He's already letting me use his miles for the flight so I'm hoping that it works out that way. Either way though I'm going, that's what I do know! 

Hum, well there's lots of other stuff too but those are the things I feel comfortable sharing on a blog which anyone can read.

Toodles for Now!



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