(inspired by Tuna Casserole and Spicy Tuna Rolls)


One or Two Cans of Tuna (depending on size and amount of food wanted)

Garlic (to taste)

Mushrooms (to taste)

Cooked Rice (to taste)

Fried Onions (Can style – I like Trader Joes or Japanese brands)

Mayo or Cream (I used Olive oil based mayo)

Sriracha or Favourite (red) hot sauce (to taste)


Roast some garlic and mushrooms (whichever ones you like I used peeled cloved but minced is fine and shiitake [Lentinula edodes]) and drain of excess oil. Keep oil to use for frying eggs or whatever as it has a nice umami flavour and can be used again. Make a nice mix of no more than half garlic/mushroom mix to rice but at least 1/6th garlic/mushroom mix to rice. Drain tuna of fishy-water, usually give it to the pet. Mix that all together with as much mayo needed to make moist but NOT soggy. Add a hot sauce to taste and mix again. Sprinkle canned Fried onions on top. You could also sprinkle Seaweed or Furikake if you want to lean more Asian. It’s a fusion dish so either ways fine.


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