Rainbow Nation Rituals


In clouds
One soul burns

Hot into the daylight
Flight, trays up prepare for
Crash, landing! What the bleep went
Wrong, false alarm. Merrily a reverie was
it, woke up. Alarm, Sweating brow beating

Eggs, toast, strawberry jam, bacon, bananas. Pack lunch?
Shower, shave, pills, frak where are the pills? Keys?
Clothes, cuddle, couch, caring, candy at this time? Car!
You drive. Me preoccupied. Stop at corner. Running to station.

Train, here like a bullet fast, no fumes, where am I?
Going, gum?, gone. Arrive Rosebank, doesn’t smell sweet. Fouros bakery
Does! Enter to left, hang right and pick up
A tray, baklava, croissant, prego roll for lunch?
Yes please, coffee, pay moffie at counter
Howzit Rosie, enter bakkie, arrive work

Crayons drip melted acid trips
Over the steps into
The expectant hands
Of animated


Also I’m not sure how to explain their obsession with bacon+bananas other than …


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