On Scientology ...

I'm not going to write directly about my experiences in scientology because frankly other people have done a better job of it and my experiences were rather tame in comparison to most people I know. Some of it was actually downright enjoyable, and yah I'm going to catch flack from those who UBER-hate scientology for saying that but I refuse to lie about it because I'm learning about living my truth. This isn't to say that I believe in scientology, or that I think it's an ethical organization - news flash it's a cult and those aren't usually ethical even when they try to be. I just don't want to waste time when you can be reading/watching something which explains it better.  

However I will be using my experiences as fodder for my fiction - that's another thing entirely because just about ALL writers use their real lives or pasts or friend's & family's lives/pasts as jumping points into creating literature. Also because of {redacted's} policy they can't declare you for critiquing or commenting in something via Art - it's Right THERE in their Art Series so there's that. I mean not that I care much if they do that at this point, hell it might actually INCREASE sales of whatever it is I'm trying to hawk at that moment in time.

The thing is to be 110% honest I'm trying to draw more universal themes because they aren't the only people/groups/religions/philosophy making those same idiotic mistakes. As someone who's studying to become an Anthropologist that's what I'd rather be exploring, the larger ramifications of such idiocy and how even intelligent people get to the point of believing such nonsense.    

What I am going to do in the here and now is compile some stuff that I feel covers the topic well  and preferably with some humour. We can ALL use more laughs in our life.

Starting with his family ...

Dark, YES, Funny, Yes, Absolutely bloody true? YES YES and more YES!

The second thing you should check out if you haven't is zir's book {A Queer and Pleasant Danger} then you need to, funny, edgy and covers everything about the early days of the Sea Org. Zir's blog is here. Kate is just a wonderful and quirky human being and someone I admire and has even been supportive during my transition into descientologizing myself and discovering my true self.

#3 ... Another great book, and especially for me because his experiences often mirror mine is Blown for Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology. When I knew Marc I thought he was a pompous ... I still think he's a .......... but DAMN this book is accurate and funny despite all of that. He also seems to be less of that so fatherhood and descientologizing seem to suit him :)

The last resource that I like is the ever updating one of The Underground Bunker, it's run by a guy who used to work at Village Voice so the writing quality is excellent.  

There are others but in my (not particularly humble nor bragging either) opinion these are the best ones.




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