Quantum entanglement

Is our relationship a quantum entanglement? 
A product of quantum superposition
Or mere superstition?

Why do I see all other lovers as relative to you?
Did a physical phenomenon occur?
When I paired with you?

Now all states with others,
Are here forward described,
Relative to ours together.

Spinning clockwise I whirl and feel polarized.
Either loving you or fearing your loss,
A passionate paradox.

Though periodically separated by arbitrarily long distances
We can never truly be untangled
For we gyrate simpatico even when separated

Our statistically unlikely timing of,
Apes scrapes moving travel dates,
A fatalistic momentum pushing muses together.

Bucking balls and electric flying whirling us physically apart 
Utilizing computation and communication resources
Light speed has nothing to our idea exchanges

Turning each other’s rough thoughts
Almost instantaneously
Into diamonds


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