DESIRE ( … I want … )

Your gentlemanly side shields me from others harm
Even as I’m charmed, laughingly disarmed into
Minds freely pondering in ways which would make others cower
Leaking temporal thoughts, melding … welding, no matter if we’ve merely an hour
Still I thank you for being there, when the shit hits the centrifuge and  
Willingness to be vulnerable, sans subterfuge

Our inner children natter through their torments and tribulations,
Playing on, melting crayons we drift into frolicking contentment
Your yin feeling free to explore as
My protecting yang's deflecting potential injury  

Knowing I think you're perfect in caterpillar form
Yet to help you become a butterfly swarm 
Consuming of life like a calorie-free buffet,
Even if that means not always having my way

You never begging me or anyone else for that matter
Giving me what you wish,
Your power in action as sound striking
It when you see me thirst for it 
When you are yearning, to push me to my edges

When you are ready to 
Not to do these all the time or too many queue
No driving us crazy or doing far too much
Less thinking, increasing playfulness and such
In singing souls touch

Clutched hands whilst hiking on a pellucid day
Smiling just because it feels right
To love doing nothing together, and
For even naught to be good for something

I am a slow step in, a hug and a pause
Cause of so many things
Heart strings, pulled by you … you make music
Musing this tangible consent is clearly a clause 

Comprehension that my safewords are my real slows and stops
Knowing when I shout NO, it’s never to you
It’s into my past and the terrors therein
Understanding it is to reclaim my power
No longer to be a victim ashamed

Together we create autoschediastic scenes
Tapping into psychotherapeutic dreams
Heretofore unknown brain schemes
Bursting out subconscious seams

You luring my secrets out as a rapacious lion devours a gazelle
Voracious, you cripple me soaking pain into my dermis, 
With electric stroking of my furr,
A body left quivered drippings of demolished dendrites
Mushed into stews of dopamine until consciousness floats in nothingness
Passion … give in … given freely then

Your tongue darting about and into dark lips
Nibbling your spine while you caress my hips
At your push I recline, then out come whips 
Breathing in their beauty my eyes become love crumbed 
Curious laughter as I succumb, my bum is drummed, then I
… Cum

Periodically to be left wanting more, yet
you to meticulously moor me,
Navigating our sensory sails.
Charting into “here be dragons”

Do you know you’ve accidentally done it ALL before?
Perfectly, despite being unaware why I poured
………………. or soared?
Oh how … Freedom for you to be

You for me

You in …


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