On Surveillance, Survival, Being Gay, Loving Guns, Rights and Responsibilities

I don't agree with Clinton here, more nuanced lists sure but broader terror lists will just lead to witch hunts and less freedom for innocent people. More excuses for terrorists and other radical zealots to use to brainwash already angry people. 

Let's not forget this idiot was ON the lists, some of the others were as well or had other police and/or school records of similar aberrant behavior. What we need is to have stricter gun screening laws so people on theses lists and/or say have a record of abusing their partners or animals or any others - aren't allowed to have guns in the first place. Or if they already have them get them taken away, at least temporarily as a cautionary measure until a throughout investigation is done by the appropriate Law Enforcement branch and Medical professional to make sure this person is worthy.

This would've caught the majority of these mass shooters BEFORE. Because they had records which indicated behaviors prone to non-consensual violence towards others.

Yes a few of us who like our weapons (me included) will be periodically bothered, more paperwork, a psych-evals - so what? It's worth it to not have young lives wasted be they children in school or LGBT 20-somethings at a club. 

Let's remember when the Second Amendment was written muskets were about as powerful as it got and just about every free male over 15 years old had years of training in their family's weapons and tools. There were real, current threats of invasion and far smaller military to protect us than now. Wars are different nowadays, and amendments were meant to be amended. 

Also civilians don't need assault rifles (semi-autos) to take down a burglar or three, or to go sports hunting - so why in the hell are they legal for civilians to own? Idk ... makes NO sense. Hunting with one would be like shooting fish in a barrel. No Challenge, No sportsmanship, No Bueno
and an assault rifle won't protect you from a drone anyways ...

We need to close the individual and event sales loopholes. That's where a LOT of these nutter-shooters get their guns. It's also where a lot of gang members get their guns.

Canada, Switzerland, Germany, etc. all have as many or more guns per person than the US does yet Canada has had only 3 of these tragic events in the last 13 years and the US has had 7 in the last 10 days. #OrlandoPulseNightclub being the most violent. Switzerland, Germany also once every 5-6 years. They have better gun laws, better screening, better safety training, mental health checks, better mental health coverage and more strict weapons storage requirements.

We also need to end the ban on gun violence studies, you have to know why people do X in order to have less of X. However banning guns outright doesn't make for better statistics. Harvard proved that. What does then ... well ... more care, more understanding, more training, and more dialogue across groups.

How do we do this?

The most important thing though is we need to confront our racisms, sexisms, and all the other "-ism" things which contribute to a climate of hate. Toxic masculinity, othering, and a sense of entitlement create the rape culture which made Brock Turner as well as the self-hating shooter, Omar Mateen. We as a culture must see we've been a country of mass-shooting violence since Wounded Knee and the only thing which has changed are the weapons. We cannot leave it all up to the parents as some parents are incompetent, and as the sayings go "it takes a village to raise a child" and "Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it."

Relatedly better healthcare (including mental health) would make it so these people would get the help they need so even if they did somehow obtain a weapon they probably wouldn't feel so shitty to take it out on others. They'd learn to control and re-direct their aggressiveness in other directions (sports, martial arts, music, etc.). We need to unlearn selfishness, self-centeredness, and greedy. Greed is NOT good! We have to find a way to create layers of nurture, care and safety within the culture, without taking away freedoms from the majority of citizens and residents. That's what other cultures do better than America, this IS what we need to learn as a people. 

The Libertarian in me thinks EVERYTHING should be legal - IF - you can handle it in a mature way. Alcohol, drugs, guns, religion, atheism, any configuration of adult marriage or relations, sports, gambling, etc. ... IF you can do it in a way that doesn't violate the consent or life or liberty and freedom of others, and which doesn't harm the planet upon which we all live, you are good to go. If you can do it in ways which increase others pleasure along with your own, even better.

This is because of what I like to call the Churchill-Mill-Spiderman Principle "With
Power & Rights come Responsibilities" and if a person isn't clearly capable of carrying out those Responsibilities then they forfeit that Right. If you can't handle that power, you don't deserve that power. That's part of what the government's job is to make sure laws create order and maintain safety.

Though it's not just their responsibility alone. There's no them as we elect them and they come from us. They are us.

Consent matters. Effects matter. Your rights to do something potentially dangerous shouldn't be at the expense of others, and if you don't care then to that degree you've lost your humanity. 

Right now though I'm just glad my field-friend and his Florida-friend decided to change plans and not go to Pulse Nightclub the other night. But I'm still sad ... SO many people ... so many children ... so many of my fellow LGBT's ... so many young lives lost over the years. As someone who sometimes wears an educator role, it's the school shootings get to me the most. Sometimes I cry off and on for days afterwards, but the teachers and parents? they grieve for years.  

It's Pride Month, I should be shaking my bisexual ass to EDM, but that 22 year old Harry Potter ride operator paying for university, that one's REALLY painful. I cried, I'll probably cry some more - both of sadness of the never ending cycles of gun deaths and of joy for not losing my friend. 

But I will force myself to dance, and sing ... in the face of fear and to create joy. To do otherwise would be to not live freely, which is what the shooter wanted. It's what most of those shooters want in one way or another.

That's where my head's at now ...
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